Traditional Indian Sarees: Variety and exclusivity

indian traditional sarees

It is a well known fact that the sarees in India are being worn with honour since centuries. And despite the transformation from stone age to modern age, and change in various types of apparels in fashion, sarees have always been proficient to maintain their special place in every woman’s wardrobe. This six-yard-long piece of clothing is most loved by women not just because they could be worn to any place whatsoever, but also because there are lots of variations that you can never be bored of wearing Indian traditional sarees.

Traditional Indian sarees can be divided into numerous categories; some of them are listed below:

  • Divided as per fabric: Based on the fabric, the traditional Indian sarees can be categorized into various types. This includes, georgette, chiffon, silk, net, velvet, crepe, viscose, cotton, satin silk, jequard, brocade, etc. With availability of so many different types of sarees based on fabric, it has got easier for women to distinguish and select the best as per their personality, and the occasion they would wear it to. Georgette, chiffon and silk are the main fabrics that are mainly used in making of Indian indian saree online
  • Divided as per work and prints: Growth in fashion has lately led to colossal prints and thus, these innumerable printed sarees have occupied the market. Floral prints, polka dots prints, abstract prints, checks prints, bandhani print, geometric prints, etc are main prints that are in use. These Indian traditional sarees are also adorned with different types of work like embroidery work, resham work, sequins, mirror, thread work, zari, cutdana , zardosi, stone and beads work that make it more beautify.indian saree online shopping
  • Divided as per Indian states: Sarees are worn by women of every corner of India, though in various styles and with different cultural and traditional portrayal. From Assam to Gujarat  or from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, women in all states love wearing sarees throughout the year on different events and occasions. Some of the most popular Indian sarees of different states are Kanjivaram Sarees,  Banarasi Sarees, Rajasthani Bandhej Saree, Gujarati Sarees, Kota Sarees, Bengali Sarees, Maharashtra Saree, etc. You can say that saree is the main attire that women like to wear in all parts of indian saree

Divided as per occasions: India is a land of festivals. Throughout the year, we celebrate number of festivals and participate in various events and occasions. Accordingly, to match up to the humor of different occasion and events, they have a lot of varieties of saree for each occasion. Some of the most popular ones are wedding sarees, bridal sarees, party wear sarees, designer sarees, lehenga style sarees, casual sarees. Bridal sarees and wedding saree have lot of different type of works on it to give it rich look. Party wear sarees are identically good to wear on a party celebration. Designer sarees can be wear on mehendi, engagement party and festivals. Women like to wear Lehenga sarees on weeding especially bridesmaid. It also provide a decent look of Lehenga Choli to the wearer.  Casual sarees are used for daily wear, either at home or at work place.

indian designer saree

All the above mentioned varieties make sarees stand out of the crowd, giving you a gorgeous look. You can elegance each kind of occasion in a saree!

Making an identity around the world: Wedding and Bridal Sarees!

bridal wedding sarees

Saree is a gorgeous attire worn largely in the Asian continent. There is huge craze for bridal sarees in this part of the world. A saree is worn along with blouse and petticoat. Women can flaunt these pieces in different ways and that is the reason why fashion experts keep discovering new ways to drape wedding sarees. These new trend receive welcoming applause in Asia. Sarees have a smart and lavish look, traditionally made from luxurious fabrics such as silk detailed with colorful embroidery and crystals. Increasing their value, some even enhanced with 24 carat gold threading.

designer wedding sarees

Wedding brings special moments in the life of a woman. It is natural that she wants to wear special wedding dress on this big day. As they say, you don’t get married every day, it happened once in lifetime. Designer bridal sarees make her feel special and glamorous on the day when all eyes are on her. The new designs make her appear stunning and classy. A compilation of wedding sarees may be crafted on net, crepe, georgette, glass tissue, jari and net, viscose and faux. These are well thought-out to be the ultimate outfit for any occasion. Saree is that stylish and traditional outfit which is largely worn during weddings. They have been modernized with time in the fashion industry and are draped in different ways.

indian wedding sarees

Women can find plenty of varieties in the styles they select. A lot of collections provide an amazing range of handwork tapestry full of embroidery, sequins, zari, resham, zardosi and many more suits for every occasion like engagement ceremony and wedding events. Designer bridal sarees with a dupatta (scarf) are very much in trend these days. Designer sarees with embroidery customized with zari, beads, stones, dangler, lace work, sequins , kundans, and traditional gota work are the most popular in latest fashion trend.

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Pure georgette and crepe silk designs are the latest fashion just to maintain the expectations of Indian tradition. Usually, there are varying sets of clothes for brides in different cultures. Startling multihued designs tell us about our great cultural history. Ingenuity of today’s fashion designers makes the complete dress attractive and elite from other dresses. Bridal sarees in white also mix together with fancy fabrics other than silk and it welcome by the women though-out the world.

bridal sarees shopping

Numerous people have discovered white bridal sarees using banarasi silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe silk, satin silk and shimmer fabrics are the most graceful for their wedding day. Garments especially embellished by hand are of crucial importance in this part of the world.

Modern Trends In Floor Touching Anarkali Dresses appealingly Beautiful

Latest anarkali suits online

Enchantingly unassuming and stylishly refined, floor touch Anarkali dresses glorify from every angle of look. Long length Anarkali dresses are made with the flared, full-length charm. In contrasting color shades, with rich embroidery and embellishments, these round cut outfits are recall the Mughal age. Bringing out glamour and decency, with a well-fitted bodice, this trendy ensemble is equally alluring for all ages women. Anarkali outfits especially worn at festivals and event function. Feel the glamour through the FashionWebz collection of floor length Anarkali salwar suits online. Anarkali also called as “The queen of Indian traditional outfits”!

Long Length Anarkali Dresses with a Jacket

Long length Anarkali dresses made from Georgette fabric, create a neat look to the wearer. To provide it even more tempting, a matching stylish jacket, that maybe with sleeves or sleeveless, yet a fully embroidered design, adds definition to the waist. While the stunning jacket shapes the upper half of the body, the flowing fabric adds volume to the bottom half. But remember, the jacket should be well-fitted. If not then it will provide you a baggy appearance.

jacket style anarkali suit

Long Length Anarkali Dresses that have a Slit

The Anarkali outfit with a long front slit, speaks for itself, gives a very royal look to the wearer. The open long cut, from the waist till the floor, is highlighted with a decent border, or with a bold piping technique. These Anakalis with long slit are currently in trend and the wear like more it.

Anarkali with slit

Long Length Anarkali with Large Pleats

Outfits with large pleats, dissimulation your bigger sections. In particular, they give you a wide, perfect flare, when you whirl! Additionally, the large pleats not only add structure to the dress, but, also enhance and glorify the figure. These dresses providing decent look to the wearer.

long length anarkali dresses

Layered Long Length Anarkali Outfits

The layered pattern style enhances the flow of the Anarkali dress. While the lace or net material, with a perfect matching lining, makes it light and comfortable feel for the wearer. Also, it looks rather stunning when the net is adorned with floral ston work. And of course, the beautiful embroidery on the back provides a pretty look from all angles. This type Anarkali provide gorgeous look to the wearer.

layered anarkali suit

Long Anarkali Outfits with a Belt

Belt up the Anarkali to add more grace! The more superb studded the belt, the more gorgeous it will look. Gold or silver or copper belt, it must match the embroidery work of the Anarkali dress. Belt also make the dress more beautiful as it can be treated as a jewellery. Its detachable feature, allows you to play around, wear it below the bust, or on the waist. With detachable feature, you can also put in both side of dupatta to make your more stylish.

designer anarkali dresses

Giving an ideal royal feel, these styles of long length Anarkali dresses, give forward your best features. But, why are long length Anarkali or floor length anarkali dresses so popular? Maybe because they manage to look stylish along with traditional look. Renovation of Anarkali also influence of Bollywood trends. Well, they are clearly high during the wedding seasons, especially amongst the bridesmaids. And, in comparison to other Indian traditional attire, you don’t have to be so alert about the outfit.

The glamour of Indian wedding sarees!!

Indian wedding saree

There has been evolution in the fashion industry, which led to high demands from customers for variety of fabrics, designs and patterns. The fashion designers deserve a round of applause for time and again coming up with new ideas and designing custom Indian wedding saree and bridal sarees. One can find lot of options as per seasons like spring collection, winter collection, etc. and there are styles and designs to suit any bride, be it a modern or a traditional Indian bride. The identity of Indian women is often associated with it. Sarees have been a part of Indian tradition from centuries. Globally famous Indian weddings seem to be unaccomplished without them.

designer wedding sarees

It is a dream of every girl since her childhood to be a bride. Little girls even pretend like one by trying on their mother’s dupatta. These little things imply that a wedding is special, and certainly one of the most important events in any woman’s life, especially in India, where weddings are famous for lavishness and plenty of rituals. For brides, wedding sarees are designed beautifully, and in a way that defines the personality of the bride.

The demand for trendy sarees for weddings is reaching new levels, since the designers have come up with extraordinary designs exclusively crafted for weddings. A new epoch in this trend can be observed with the introduction of enhanced designs of sarees into the main stream fashion by the world’s best designers.

wedding sarees online

Few of the factors that one should consider while picking up designer wedding and bridal sarees that will surely give you out-of-the-crowd look includes the material, the basic design, the embroidery work and the printing time.

♦To select a wedding saree is one of the most complex and time consuming task for a woman, as they have ‘n’ number of options out there, each one better than the other in some way. Women mostly get confused when it comes to buying for their bridal sarees. So, the first preference should be given to the fabric of the saree.

♦Traditionally, silk and cotton are thought to be of the best quality fabrics, giving a rich look to the bride. But these days, thanks to the designers, brides have a whole range of fabrics such as Georgette, Silk, Chiffon, Silk Satin, etc.

♦Deciding the color is one of the most thoughtful task while choosing a saree. It has been Indian tradition that a bride wears red on her wedding day, but nowadays brides prefer to wear the kind of colors that complement their skin tone and jewelry as well. In this world of uncountable shades of colors, there can be an endless combination of colors to choose for bridal sarees, whereas the most common colors are red, marron, pink and orange etc.

♦Another important aspect of a wedding saree is its design. The elegance and exquisiteness of a wedding saree can be minutely observed in the delicate embroidery work carved on it. The design includes embroidery work in semi-precious stones, zardosi, resham, bead and mirror work. These are some of the most popular designs available. The brides often want to seek a designer’s advice while choosing the best saree for their big day.

buy wedding saree online

♦Designers have a range of wedding sarees, and offer the best suited one that the bride can remember for a life time. The transformation of sarees from a simple traditional outfit to a trendy and fashionable outfit can be seen in today’s world. Today, women get more attracted and enthusiastic towards the new arrivals of sarees into the latest fashion by our best designers of the world.


How to choose the perfect drape for your saree!

Indian Sarees

Among the Indian ethnic wear, Sarees are indisputably one of most graceful attire that one could find in a woman’s wardrobe. Sarees have been a symbol of the ethnic Indian culture since ages. In spite of the introduction of modernization and various modern clothes in the market out there, Indian sarees are one of the most preferred apparels, as they have always been.

Buy sarees online

It is understandable that women get puzzled when they go out in the market for buying saree, due to the availability of plenty of colors, fabrics, styles, designs, and embroideries. The uniqueness of each and every saree is what makes it one of most favored garment in ethnic wear.

The best advantage about owning sarees, is that one can flaunt them anywhere and at any occasion whatsoever. Certainly, from giving presentation in office, to attending the parent-teacher meeting for your child in his school, from attending the engagement ceremony of your beloved friend, to making it to your relative’s or friend’s wedding. Although, the design, fabric, and pattern will differ based on the occasion, one can wear a saree almost at all functions.

indian designer sarees

Apart from the design and color, the drape of the sarees that holds major importance. Sarees are worn in every corner the country but in various styles and drapes. Sarees are made for all body structure and it is supposed that irrespective of your body type and frame, you would look gorgeous in Indian sarees.

saree online shopping

We often observe that women are very conscious when it comes to flaunting their body, and a saree comes to rescue for all body types. If you have a tier around your belly, believe that a saree can cover it up like never before. If your height is short comparatively, let the saree do the illusion to make you look taller. A saree, if only chosen sensibly, will do complete integrity to your body and personality. For example, if you are short, do not choose sarees with broad borders or with blocks, rather go for the ones that have thinner borders as they will not point out your short height. Similarly, taller women should avoid thinner borders and pick sarees with broad borders as they will take the attention away from your height.

Lavish and colorful Indian attires for weddings!


India is well known for colorful history, religious diversification and well-heeled culture. Every part of the country celebrates weddings in its own exceptional manner. People from different religions and regions in India, revel the weddings as per their religious pattern and traditions and that’s what makes every Indian wedding exclusive and specific.

The wedding outfit is an important aspect of Indian marriages. The bride and the groom are well dressed in the splendid outfits that make them look spectacular. The wedding outfits are different in each regions of the country. Indian bridal wear is renowned the world over for its sophisticated designs, lavish embroidery, premium fabrics and vibrant shades.

When it comes to traditional Indian attire, the Indian bride has numerous options to choose from. Whether it is the saree, the lehenga, the salwar kameez suit or the lehenga style saree – the options are in profusion.


Rich, graceful, sophisticated and stylish, the saree is a far and wide admired choice. Indian Wedding sarees are generally made of rich colors and premium quality fabrics and feature luxuriant designs. The huge astonishing variety of wedding sarees that are popular all over the country includes, Chiffon, Banarasi, Kanjiveram, Silk, Georgette, etc. The six yards of fabric is paired with a designer blouse and in-skirt (worn beneath the saree – also called as petticoat) creating an overall eye-catching effect.


Designer sarees

The shifting trends have come up with designer sarees for brides who want a combination of the traditional and the modern. Bollywood has remarkably influenced the way modern fashionable women of today dress up for their wedding day. The designers are coming up with numerous stylish twine to the traditional saree, which have been very well received. Brides now have several contemporary styles to pick from instead of just draping the fabric the traditional way. Also, even though red has always been a popular wedding saree color, these days women are exploring with different shades as well.



One of the most popular wedding attires, a lehenga comprises a long, rich embroidered and ornate skirt worn with a long length blouse and paired with scarf (duppatta). Lehengas are available in a huge variety of colors, cuts and fits to suit each kind of taste, personality and budget. The most popular style is fish-cut style and it provides stunning look to the wearer.


Salwar Kameez

Generally worn by Punjabi girls on their wedding day, a wedding salwar kameez comprises a well-looking, rich embroidered knee-length top kameez, loose pleated bottom and an embellished duppatta. These are available in wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics and bride can easily find best one as per her choice.

Salwar Kameez

Indian wedding dresses epitomize the country’s rich ethnicity and craftsmanship. With so many options to choose from, the Indian woman has no option but to look magnificent on her special day.

Tips on choosing the Right Bridal Saree

Bridal Saree

Marriage means the beginning of a new life for girls. It is a big step, a very special day that requires meticulous planning to have to do. No wonder, every girl will want this day to be perfect and want to look the best they can. The Bridal Saree plays a very crucial role in the overall beauty of the bride and it is by far the most difficult part of the shopping for unique bridal saree. So, it is a big question that how to select the right bridal saree. Here are a few important tips that will help you to find the one that suits you the best on special day.

Bridal Sarees

Planning ahead of the special day: Start searching the saree 2-3 months ahead of your wedding date. This will give you enough time to browse through latest trends of Bridal Saree Collection and narrow down on the ones that you like.

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

Fabric:  Remember that the fabric of your bridal designer saree can enhance your beauty on the big day. The choice of fabric of your saree can make you look slim or bulky. For bridal sarees, high quality pure silk is always the first choice. Fabric also determines the comfort level during long ritual hours. It will also determine how long the outfit can hold without messing up. Because silk can be extremely costly, you can go for brocade or chiffon or pure georgette too. This is a matter of your personal choice.

Bridal Saree-1

Color: Indian brides get a leeway on this aspect of choosing a bridal saree. Despite the fact that red and rose pink are very popular, you can also opt for other colors which are equally beautiful and match according to your skin color complexion. If you have a fair complexion, any bright colored saree will work superb. However, if you have a dark complexion or if you have extra bulk on your body to deal with, you need to go for some darker shade as it will make you look slim and fairer. Also, the color of saree should not overshadow your jewelry because they too hold significance.

Bridal Sarees-2

Design: This is a matter of personal choice but you should not forget that heavier the design, the more uncomfortable you feel. Heavy embroidery, embellishments etc. will make you look pretty but they are not suitable for longer periods as these sarees tend to be heavy. Also, heavy and dazzling designs don’t go well with dark complexions. So, choose the design that suit you best.

Bridal Sarees-3

Blouse: You can opt for a matching blouse or a contrasting color and it should go well with Saree. Backless and deep neck blouses are better to be avoided on your wedding day but if you are from a liberal family background, you can always go for these because it will attract very eyes on you. Again, blouses can also have heavy embroidery or can be heavily embellished with stones, sequins, zari, zardosi etc. The rule of thumb is, ‘the heavier the design you select, the more uncomfortable you get’ but it can make you more ravishing. The fabric of the blouse will also determine whether you get a bulky or a slim look. Of course, you cannot forget the season! Some fabrics are best for winter but must be avoided during summer season.

Bridal Sarees-5

With the innovation of fashion and style, the Indian wedding saree has transformed into one of the best wedding dress for brides.

Things To Be Consider Before Buy Punjabi Suits Online

When it comes to traditional salwar kameez patterns, the role of Punjabi culture and tradition to this particular outfit cannot be ignored. The Punjabi culture reflects a harmonious mixture of more than a few cultures and ethnic backgrounds, where we are able to see influences from Afghani and Pathani. These influences have left the impact not only on the Punjabi language, living styles and meals but in addition the traditional Punjabi clothes as well. The Traditional wear of Punjabi women is a Punjabi salwar suit. The Punjabi suits are made up of three piece clothes, a shirt or tunic which is long up to knee called a Kameez worn with loose pleated pajama like salwar or with with a closefitting and narrow bottom churidar. You must check these following features before you buy Punjabi suits online.

Buy Punjabi Suits Online

The pattern of the Kameez

Kameez is a very important part of Punjabi salwar suit, selection of right kameez is very predominant in order to accentuate your overall look. Punjabi kameez is normally up to knee or little above knee in length and have big side slit at both side which starts from waist. The kameez must be in fitting and straight as a way to complement the outline of your figure. The kameez is available in quite a lot of superior quality material like cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon which can be fully suitable for summer season and provides comfort feel. These outfits are also protective during the winter days.


The pattern of the Salwar or Bottom

The next most important factor to preserve in intellect while ordering Punjabi salwar suit is the type and design of the salwar or bottom. The Punjabi kameez which are short in length looks attractive with nicely pleated loose salwar that are pleated at the waist area and loose at the bottom part. The kameez can also be paired with traditional Patiala salwar which have more loose pleats than a salwar. A Patiala salwar require more fabric in order to be stitched and renders a splendid look to the wearer. If you are going to purchase medium long kameez that have length upto knee then you have to go for Churidar bottom. Churidar have much tight fitting at calf and ankle and longer in length than leg to provide gathering at ankle. The tight fitting of the churidar perfectly accentuates the contours of the legs and offers a slim and tall appearance to the wearer.


The Dupatta or Scarf

The dupatta plays a crucial part of best Punjabi suits and it can’t be ignored as it has vital role to provide decent look to the wearer. When flaunting a traditional appearance,  you should have to carry the dupatta or scarf with the intention to enhance your look. You can drape the dupatta round your neck which provides a traditional look carry it upon your shoulders to look smarter. Sheer chiffon, silk or cotton fabric are used to make Dupatta and having thick border all around it. Dupatta embellished with zardoshi, sequins, zari, bandhni, stones or gotta work is also available in matching color with the salwar or bottom.


The Neck style of the Kameez

Selection of suitable neckline pattern for Punjabi suits is the another important aspect whether you’re going to buy Punjabi suits online or from physical retailers. Being a versatile attire, the Punjabi Kameez permits you to test with more than a few varieties of necklines right from round necks with deep cut, traditional V-necks, stylish square neck and boat necks to elegant and latest halter necks, Chinese collars and much more neck styles. The neckline of Punjabi kameez is usually embellished with zari, sequins, embroidery, thread work, resham work and stone.


Sleeves Style for the Kameez

One of the appealing points of today’s Punjabi suits is the different pattern of sleeve styles and types that’s integrated into the dress with a goal to enhance the fashion quotient of the outfit. The latest Punjabi suits are available in long sleeves, cap sleeves, net fabric sleeves, puffed sleeves, off shoulder style as well as traditional elbow sleeves, three-four sleeves, and sleeveless option. If you have heavy arms then go for short sleeves, elbow sleeves, puffed sleeves or cap sleeve and if you have lean arms then can choose sleeveless or three-four sleeves choices.


These are the five vital things that you have to keep in mind while selecting your Punjabi suit in order to stand out of the crowd and make a stunning style statement in your traditional outfit.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez Online – Sizzling Fashion Trend

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

It is assumed that Pakistani salwar kameez is as considered as the most engaging attire for females. These are profoundly highly demanded among the females from India and Pakistan. There are so many people from India and Pakistan who are living abroad and prefer to buy Pakistani salwar kameez online. The main explanation behind the popularity of this attire is that these are impeccable to present splendid appearance to the females in a traditional touch.

The speedily changing sort has affected all and sundry. These days, each and every person on this planet desires to appear unique. To fulfill their requests, the designers are placing their earnest attempt with a detailed finish purpose to make their collections extra enticing and attractive.


Pakistani Salwar Suits are very neatly modified form of the traditional salwar kameez. These are mainly made with a long or semi long kameez to provide a pleasant look to the wearer. These Pakistani suits also designed with palazzo pant make a remarkable looks to the wearer.

Pakistani salwar kameez is presently is highly liked and it has been appreciable not only in Pakistan but Indian women are also proud to put on this attire as well. Pakistani suits offer you a certain variety statement. Pakistani salwar kameez are well-known their high quality fabric and hand work on the dress. Even many Bollywood celebrities are also seen wearing Pakistani suits at quite a lot of parties, events and celebrations.


The embroidery is an fundamental part of the Pakistani salwar suit. The designers use thread work and use things like zardosi, beads, motif, sequins and stones to makes the attire more attractive. Keeping in intellect the latest touch to the traditional attire, Palazzo Pant style suits are renewed version of Pakistani salwar kameez.

It is very easy to find Pakistani suits that are unique in style with a pocket friendly budget. At online shops you can purchase Pakistani salwar kameez online. And also you can choose color, size, pattern and style as per your needs. These attire are very nicely sewed with different styles and each alternate salwar kameez appears more appealing and elegant. You have to keep in your mind, your body shape and skin color while choosing your dress. Neckline patterns are the primary feature of Pakistani salwar Kameez.

Top 8 exceptional Fashion Designs In Pakistani Salwar Kameez 2016

Top 8 exceptional Fashion Designs In Pakistani Salwar Kameez 2016

Pakistan is known for its rich and colourful lifestyle, and common Pakistani attire reflects the culture of Pakistan, where we are able to additionally observe influences of the cultures from Punjab, Kashmir, Sindh and Pashtun. The type and design of clothing are influenced by the climate conditions and the way of living of the persons who stay there. The dressing of the residents reflect their unique identification. The country-wide costume of Pakistani females is salwar kameez and the fundamental Pakistani salwar kameez consists of a free trouser or salwar paired with a shirt or tunic that’s also called the quameez or kameez. Ladies cover their head with a stole or scarf often called a dupatta or shawl. Pakistani salwar kameez are comprised of a large variety of splendid fabric like georgette, cotton, silk, chiffon, and many others.


We now have shortlisted followings 8 most preferred and widely worn Pakistani salwar kameez trends.

Lawn Suits – lawn suits are probably the most standard Pakistani salwar kameez design that’s worn by ladies in the course of the summer season. The fabric of lawn suits is a thin and light-weight cotton material with a silky texture. The Pakistani lawn suits have a straight lengthy kameez product of advanced exceptional lawn fabric together with a matching Churidar bottom and georgette or chiffon dupatta. The dresses are embellished with complex zari, sequins, embroidery, thread work, resham and beads work. The embellishment is more focused across the neck and bottom hemline and on sleeves. The lawn suits are additionally available in silk and chiffon and georgette fabric in summer season cool colours like light pink, lemon yellow, mint, light brown, beige and grey etc.


Patiala Salwar Kameez – The Patiala salwar kameez is an significant outfit of Pakistani salwar kameez trend. Patiala salwar kameez is also called as Punjabi salwar kameez. Pakistani Patiala salwar kameez consists of cotton or geoergette fabric short or medium tunics or kurta or kurtis paired with fantastically pleated loose Patiala pants and a chiffon or silk or georgette dupatta. The kameez or tops are embellished with exquisitely embroidered design. This outfit is worn as a informal dress as it presents absolute freedom of motion. The Patiala salwar kameez is available in soft color combinations like light pink, magenta, mint green, yellow, light blue, golden, marron and beige and much more which might be excellent for all forms of festivals and occasions.


Straight long Length Salwar Kameez – The straight long salwar kameez is likely one of the classic designs of Pakistani salwar kameez for females that has a versatile enchantment and is worn by females of all group of ages. The kameez has a straight cut at both sides, and its length is normally 3 or 4 inches above the ankle. It is paired with a Churidar bottom and matching or contrasting chiffon or silk or georgette dupatta. This certain design is immensely general with females seeing that it renders a lean and slim appearance to the wearer. The kameez is embellished with zari, embroidery, thread, zardosi, sequin and stone work. These salwar kameez are to be had in cotton, chiffon, georgette and silk fabric material and a huge array of colors to choice.


Sharara or Palazzo Salwar Kameez – The Sharara salwar kameez is a widespread outfit to wear in parties which brings about a welcome variation to the identical historical churidars and salwar. The Sharara kameez has a straight-to-flare silhouette and makes the wearer show up taller along with a parallel or palazzo pant bottom. These shalwar kameez are elegantly adorned with mild zari or embroidery or stone work and the fabric used is high-satisfactory chiffon or georgette or silk. They look decent in dark color combination of dark pink and black, red and black and dark green and maroon.


Jacket style suit – The jacket style suit is an exquisitely designed Pakistani clothes salwar kameez that renders a royal and decent appearance to the wearer and adds a traditional sense to the overall look. The outfit includes a fantastically embroidered sleeveless or with sleeve jacket that’s nipped on the waist and can be worn over a  Anarkali or straight cut suit that is decorated at the bottom hemline and paired with a comfortable Churidar or Salwar bottom. A dupatta is not obligatory with Jacket style suit. These suits are available in cotton, georgette, chiffon and silk alternative and look exceptional in brilliant colors like red, crimson, black, white, dark pink, blue and golden.


Floor length suit – The trendy floor length suits are an stunning design of salwar kameez Pakistani girls and ladies wears on distinctive occasions or events. The floor length suits are with touching floor and give pleasant feelings to the wearer. The full-length suits are normally full-sleeved, Anarkali dresses which might be paired with a Churidar or straight pant and matching or contrasting dupatta. These are adorned with zari, zardosi, sequin, kasab and stone work around the neck and sleeves. These suits are on hand in superior great georgette and chiffon fabric and sheer net fabric and are available in so many attractive colors.


Anarkali suits – The Anarkali salwar kameez are probably the most classical styles of Pakistani salwar kameez for women that have end up immensely wellknown not only in India but in addition all over the globe. It is a flattering design that looks just right on practically all body shapes. The Anarkali attire has a fitted shape till the waist after which it emerges into a flared silhouette. Most likely, there are heavy work in the lower part of the Anarkali whilst the upper portion and sleeves kept with simple work or light work. It’s comes with a Churidar and matching dupatta in georgette or chiffon or net material.


High Neck Salwar Suits – The high neck salwar kameez have a collar or high neck at beck neck of the suit and normally its fully covered at back side. High neck salwar suits are available in all designs of Pakistani salwar kameez like Anarkali salwar kameez, straight suits, Patiala suits, Punjabi salwar kameez, sharara salwar kameez etc. Its provides decent look to the wearer.


So, now that you know probably the most general and modern Pakistani shalwar kameez designs; undertake them for your individual style and be a trendsetter among your buddies and relatives.